Playing 1.0 Football Betting Experience for Beginners

1.0 betting is known as a popular type of football betting, often appearing on the bookmakers’ boards in the form of handicap betting and over/under betting. So what exactly is 1.0 football betting? How to play 1.0 betting and what are the experiences for always winning? Let’s find out together through the article below.

What is 1.0 Football Betting?

On the betting board, 1.0 football betting will be displayed in the form of handicap or over/under betting with different betting methods and payout ratios. Details are as follows:

  • Handicap 1 Ball

Handicap 1 Ball, also known as 1.0 handicap, is one of the popular Asian handicap bets chosen by many players. This bet is used in matches with a disparity in level and performance between the two teams. The upper team will handicap the lower team 1 goal, meaning that at the end of the match, the lower team will be given an additional 1.0 goal.

The notable advantage of this bet is that there will be no cases of winning ½ or losing ½. Instead, players who participate in betting will either win or lose all the money. The way to read the bet, based on the match’s result, will have 3 scenarios as follows:

  • If the match result is a draw -> Players betting on the upper team lose all money, betting on the lower team wins all money.
  • If the upper team wins by 2 goals or more -> Players betting on the upper team win all money, betting on the lower team lose all money.
  • If the upper team wins by 1 goal -> Players betting on the upper or lower team will have their money refunded.
  • Over/Under 1.0

Over/Under 1.0, also known as Over/Under 1 goal, is a bet where players must focus on and predict the total goals of the match. Simply, the bookmaker will set an expected total number of goals in the match, and players will have to bet based on that total to bet higher or lower.

Basically, this is also a simple and popular bet on bookmakers’ boards. However, it also brings some risks due to the difficulty of predicting the total number of goals in football. The specific way to read the bet is as follows:

  • If the total goals in the match equal 1, players betting over or under will have their bet money refunded.
  • If the total goals in the match are less than 1, players betting Over will lose, betting Under will win.
  • If the total goals in the match are 2 or more, players betting Over win, betting Under lose.

1.0 Football Betting Experience

After learning detailed information about 1.0 football betting, although football betting is a game of chance, you can still control it through strategies and playing tips accumulated by experts as follows:

  • Study the Two Teams Thoroughly

First and foremost, not just for 1.0 betting, but for all other football bets, to make accurate predictions, players need to spend time researching the two teams involved. Specifically, study their form, play style, lineup, players’ health, winning history, starting players, substitutes, coaches’ tactics, etc. Get this information from reputable football news websites, football forums, or read expert articles to get detailed information. Understanding this, you can bet confidently and accurately.

  • Monitor and Update Betting Odds Continuously

Next, before and during the match, whether you have bet or not, players need to closely monitor the betting odds on the bookmakers’ board. This is because bookmakers often change the odds continuously to trick players, and if players do not update and follow, the loss rate is high.

  • Choose a Reputable Betting Website

Choosing a reputable address to bet is extremely important, as it ensures a safe and secure betting experience. When selecting a football betting site, consider factors such as operating licenses, customer service, security issues, payment methods, and reviews from other players.

One of the football betting addresses chosen by many players today is Fun88. Established in 2008 and operated by two major betting organizations, OG Global Access Limited and E Gambling Montenegro, Fun88 proudly offers competitive betting odds for more than +10,000 sports events every month and 25,000 live matches from domestic to international tournaments.

With Fun88กีฬา, players can bet before the match starts or participate in live betting during the match. The latest Fun88 link is updated at


We hope the above article helps you understand more about 1.0 betting and some useful experiences to apply in your games. However, don’t forget that besides understanding the theory, to win you need perseverance, analytical ability, and sensible financial management. Good luck!

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