Golden tips to choose a truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Truck accidents are complex and extremely tough to investigate. A significant number of accidents on the roads of Florida involve commercial trucks and oversized vehicles, and those in passenger cars often suffer the devastating consequences. If you were involved in a traffic mishap involving a truck, you need to find out about the state laws for filing an injury claim. In most circumstances, it is advisable to hire a truck accident lawyer, and we have enlisted a few golden tips to choose one.

Specific profile is pertinent

Talk to people to find lawyers who have worked extensively on truck accident claims and lawsuits. Find out the settlements that the shortlisted attorneys have won for clients. Bigger figures are a testament to their expertise and experience. Remember that the trucking industry is regulated by both state and federal laws, and investigating an accident requires way more work than a typical car crash.

Always meet the selected lawyers

If you found local law firms in Fort Lauderdale, schedule personal consultations. Most attorneys don’t charge anything for this, which is a good thing when you are in financial distress. Meeting an attorney allows you to ask questions, know them better, and get a fair overview of your claim. You can also understand your rights.

Find out if they have been to trials  

Trial experience is critical for selecting a truck accident lawyer. While we hope you manage to recover a decent settlement through your insurance claim or from other liable parties, you should be ready for the worst. Find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law in Florida and has been to trial for truck accident cases in particular. Representing you in court requires confidence.

Don’t delay seeking legal support

Lawyers need to start working on a truck accident case as early as possible, as evidence may go missing in no time. Secondly, if you don’t act swiftly, you may not know who is liable for your losses. If you want support for your case, get the attorney on board immediately after you see a doctor and before you negotiate with the insurance company.

Florida’s no-fault system can complicate things further. In a few circumstances, you may not have the option to sue the liable party, and it is best to evaluate all possibilities by talking to an attorney. Most attorneys will work on a contingency arrangement for truck accident lawsuits, which means you don’t pay them if they don’t recover money. 

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